Share the benefits and fun of custom, random, & never-replicated artwork with someone you've never met. 

We create and send artwork randomly, anonymously, or to a friend of your choosing. There's no harm in sharing a bit of unique kindness throughout the world: A random act of kindness can be a saving grace for many individuals, or even just a bright addition to someone's day. Get started now and send along an unexpected but beautiful piece of art.


How it Works

The Artwork

We create a small pen & ink sketch to mail to an address, whether randomly chosen or specified by you, for just $10.00. Simple as that.

The Mailing Process

Give your recipient your name and email address, or remain anonymous to send a custom artistic gift in secrecy. Either way you'll put a smile on someone's face.

What'll the drawing be?

We don't know yet - and that's the exciting part.

Have an idea in mind? Check out our custom sketch product here.

I received a sketch

Did you? Great. We encourage you to pay it forward! 

If your sketch had a custom website link with it, type it in your browser to discover the sender's identity. Strike up a conversation if you'd like, and connect through the work we've made for you both.

Also, tell us about it. We'll soon start a gallery of favorite images from our recipients.

About the Art


Pen & Ink

Pen & Ink drawings are created with everything from fine art pens to ballpoint to flare tips. They are black and white sketches.

Ink & Color

Ink & Color sketches are pen & ink sketches with pops of colored pen throughout. These take more time than our black and white pen and ink sketches.


Who are your artists?

Our artists are all professionals with degrees and certifications in visual creative fields. Our lead artist has studied art professionally since 2005, and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts as well as multiple awards for her work.

What is my sketch made with?

We create our sketches on high-quality 4x4 vellum artist's tiles with a variety of ink pens.

What does a sketch come with?

We send a card, one-of-a-kind sketch, a business card, and a note about the sender in our envelope. We try not to send too much marketing fluff - it costs us postage.

How do you pick strangers to send to?

Multiple ways. Usually we generate a random state, then a random letter to pick a city, find that city in Google Maps, drop the Google Street View guy into the grid and voila, there's an address. Tedious? Maybe - Worth it? Yes. Or, we think of a city we recently visited, or is relevant to artwork we've created. For example we once drew a majestic historic theatre in Chicago - where better to send it to than Chicago?